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Interior Repairs & Reconditioning

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Restore, Repair or Replace

Our in-house expert trimmer is available to return leather, upholstery and soft top fabrics to their former glory. The leather restoration process consists of several stages:

1.  Leather is cleaned to remove dirt from any cracks or creases.

2.  A treatment is applied to ‘open up’ the leather in order that colour can be effectively absorbed.

3. Weak leather is strengthened and other impairments are attended to.

4. Colour is worked in by hand.

Interior Repairs And Reconditioning
Upholstery and soft furnishings are given equal attention by our trimmer who will work with you to ensure the best solution for interior refurbishment. Example works include replacing or restoring carpets and over-mats, door linings, steering wheel, handbrake gaiter, gear lever leather, head lining, and the refurbishment of boot spaces.

Tailored solutions can also be found for specialist projects and interior designs.  Soft tops can be restored with the replacement of a rear screen or replaced entirely according to your requirements. Our trimmer is always happy to discuss any other ideas you may have for your vehicle.