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1960 Porsche Junior 108 Tractor

Vehicle Description

1960 Porsche Junior 108 Tractor with 543 miles.

The Porsche 108 was the smallest and most attractive of four tractors produced by Porsche from 1956 to 1963.  The tractors were produced at the old Zeppelin factory in Friedrichs-hafen-Manzell, Germany.  The appeal of the Porsche built tractors can be attributed to much more than just their stunning looks.

Porsche tractors were designed with a fluid coupling to connect the engine to a six speed transmission – a distinctive feature of Porsche’s tractors which offered the driver smooth gear changes.  In 1960, Porsche introduced a new Bosch hydraulic lifting system, a significantly improved design when compared to the earlier 1956-59 tractors.  By 1963, production of Porsche tractors had ceased.  Their compact styling and Porsche heritage have made restored Juniors a popular collectable item among Porsche car owners and vintage tractor collectors.

This Junior 108 was rescued from a beach in Dunkerque where it was being used to pull in the fishing boats.  It was fully restored in the 1980’s and, as such, presents in good condition today.  Since restoration, she has appeared at a number of Porsche events and was driven around the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit as part of the Porsche parade in 1993.  Finished in red with cream wheels, this tractor starts on the button and runs well.



Vehicle Specifications

  • Registration date: 1960
  • Milage: 543 mi
  • Engine Size:
  • Fuel Type: diesel
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Colour: Red
  • Body Shape: Tractor
  • Doors: None

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