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Protective Environment


Although our storage facility is insulated, heated and dehumidified, many of our customers choose to store their vehicle in a Carcoon Airflow System and these are available for both cars and motorbikes.  They provide a protective, mini-storage environment and are ideal for infrequently used vehicles.

Carcoon - isolate, stablise, ventilate, circulate and protect

  • Isolate from the constantly changing temperature and humidity of the ambient environment.
  • Stabilise by removing excess moisture, fuel/oil vapour and other contaminates from within the mini environment.
  • Ventilate using the patented Active Airflow Concept.
  • Circulate the air isolated within, by using Activated Carbon Filters under pressure.

We are very happy to supply these and share our trade discount with clients who store their vehicles with us.

As an alternative to an Airflow System we are also happy to supply both semi-tailored and tailored breathable dust covers in a variety of sizes and colours.