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Alloy Wheel Restoration & Tyres

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Wheels & Tyres

While your car is with us, we can arrange for alloy wheels to be restored, tyres to be replaced, or your wheels to be aligned. These services are carried out by our affiliated restoration specialists who are regarded by us, and high end dealerships in the area, as some of the best in the South of England. Restoration works can be undertaken to repair alloys which are scratched, dented, kerbed, corroded, scuffed or have peeling lacquer. Finishing services include Alloy Wheel Refurbishment, Diamond Turning, Wheel Straightening and the Welding of Wheels.

Motorcycle wheels do not normally become kerb damaged in the same way as car wheels but they can still suffer with corrosion. We often find, therefore, that motorcycle wheel refurbishment can be required. Motorcycle wheels must be stripped of all bearings, discs and tyres. No diamond turning or polishing can be carried out on motorcycle wheels. Colours can vary but customers should be aware we offer individual all over colour and do not mask up to paint a separate edge.

Our affiliated specialists can consult with you and make recommendations on the tyres fitted to your vehicle and can fit replacement tyres. They have extensive experience in working with high end vehicles that require an enormous amount of attention to detail for a perfect finish. In addition, wheel alignment may be undertaken following replacement tyres, or as a stand-alone service. Manufacturer standard wheel alignment will ensure your vehicle drives straight and true, reducing wear on the tyres. Alternative alignment angles can also be applied, should you wish.