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Mechanical Repairs & Recommissioning

Secure, Personalised, Accessible, Effortless.

While your vehicle is being stored, we can arrange the undertaking of any mechanical works that may be required so that your car is back on the road and ready to drive when you need it.  We work with professional maindealer and specialist garages as well as classic and vintage specialist mechanics.

We arrange the collection and delivery of your vehicle by covered transporter to maindealer and specialist garages and we will oversee the work undertaken, settle the invoice and have the vehicle returned to storage promptly.  Our classic and vintage mechanics are located in close proximity to us and transportation is, therefore, unnecessary. We maintain excellent working relationships with high end dealerships in the area and are qualified to offer advice and give recommendation on what is required.  Since most of our clients are recommended to us, we rely on our reputation for continued custom and, as such, will only entrust servicing, MOT and mechanical maintenance to those garages who provide a guarantee for their workmanship.  All work is undertaken by technical experts in their respective fields.

In addition, we can arrange UK set-up, imported vehicle registration, MOT, insurance, tax and number plates for vehicles imported to the UK from abroad.  There are a number of modifications required before a car may legally drive on the road in the UK and we can make a newly imported car UK roadworthy and ready to drive.  Offering a totally personalised service, we really are happy to take on the most interesting of requests.

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